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Category: Tools Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or higher
Updated: 2013-12-09 Downloads: 7500
Version: 1.3    
How to install the application on your phone?
1、direct download using a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code
2、 Just click to download our App Tools install after downloading the "*.apk" file can be easily installed on a mobile phone
3、The ". Apk" files are copied to the phone inside the click install, but a bit strenuous
Install Task Master,when you want to stop multinomial Software of background program,maybe in the actual situation of Android moving operating system,you need to manage you acpplication to avoid the damage of performance and battery. Task Master is my favorite applicition,it also including a plug in,tap it once,you can close all the started applications. What you can do from the setting
1.Ignore List,you can put the app what you do not want to stop into this list,so that when you use Task Master to stop all task,the app which in the Ignore List will be ignored.
2.Auto Start,when you choose it,Task Master will be Auto Started when you starting up.And it will make some unconcerned task to stop.Also you can make a shortcut to desktop.
3.Auto Kill,It is a greatful and useful setting.You can choose to make Task Master still work and stop the Software of background program when you phone is off.
4.Keep Press the app name,it will show a menu Kill,Kill the app task. Ignore,put the app into ignore list. Select Unselect,Select Unselect the app task to kill,Uninstall the app.
Thanks for your loves of Task Master.
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