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Big Boobs Surfer  Apps Free download Author: RustyRat Size: 8.0M
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Category: Casual Requirements: Android 2.3.3 or higher
Updated: 2013-09-01 Downloads: 75000
Version: 1.02    
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1、direct download using a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code
2、 Just click to download our App Tools install after downloading the "*.apk" file can be easily installed on a mobile phone
3、The ". Apk" files are copied to the phone inside the click install, but a bit strenuous
Pamela (AKA "Tiny" boobs) has always had small tits, but one day she decided to make a huge change in her looks!
She made the largest ever recorded boob job and had her breasts filled with top of the line silicone by the best plastic surgeon in town.

The only problem is that she can’t get into her car and return home because of her huge tits.
She found out that she can use her massive boobs to slide on the heels and make it to her home at the speed of light.
Make sure to collect the condoms so she can have safe sex which will also improve your score.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Enjoy this beautiful game with procedural graphics that change every game and dynamic hills for challenging gameplay.

Press and hold to surf down the hill.
Release to fly higher when you're on the uphill.


► Please note that this is NOT a porn app! It's an anime and hentai style game.

Brought to you from the makers of 'Boobs Tap', 'Hooker Run' and 'Boobs Smasher' by Rusty Rat

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